Intrusion detection systems
Fire detection systems
Closed circuit TV surveillance
Access security
Private alarm dispatch
24 hour technical service
Grade 2 and Grade 3, according to UNE-50131 regulations for homes and businesses

Interior Detection: Interior protection of the
home with multiple devices:
Interior movement sensors with anti-masking and anti-camouflage technology
Curtain-type protection sensors
Protection sensors for openings
Sound sensors
Seismic sensors for safes
Exterior Perimeter Detection: Exterior protection for
homes and businesses with multiple systems
Exterior movement sensors especially for animals
Exterior facade movement sensors with digital detection
External infrared barriers
Intelligent video analysis detection systems
Subterranean geo-seismic sensors
Fence protection
Protection systems in the case of robbery, medical emergencies and fire

Devices connected to a central office
to immediately manage any police,
health or fire emergency
Installation of fog generator systems

Long-lasting fog generation in the interior of the protected space
Dry fog, harmless to electronic devices, machinery, fabrics and food products
Completely safe system for people and animals
Especially suitable for stores, jewellery shops, fur shops, museums, service stations and units that provide gasoline and fuel, lottery establishments, betting shops, gaming casinos, pharmacies, financial institutions, recreational centres and areas with large amounts of cash on hand
Automatic and manual fire detection and extinguishing systems

Optic, thermal, thermovelocimetric and flame detection for high explosion-risk environments
Technical projects with issue of completed work certificate
Closed circuit television systems

Act as an element of visual dissuasion for possible delinquents
Help to detect crime and provide evidence for police and judicial processes
High-definition cameras for the smallest of details, also function in complete darkness
Large assortment of models in terms of vision needs (bullet or dome cameras), technical characteristics (analogue or IP-Full HD) and installation area (interiors, exteriors or extremes)
24hr security rounds, key custody and first response security support services

Private security guards, licensed and with special training
Personalised services for commercial establishments and homes
Note: In collaboration with Phoneix Seguretat
Private alarms central dispatch

Personalised treatment
Communication with the police force, in accordance to current legislation
Opening and closing alerts
Security rounds through real-time security cameras
Access security and staff presence systems

Private homes, public institutions and private businesses
Security and monitoring of people's access to restricted areas
Vehicle, staff and visitor movement security
Timetable control functions
Integration of security systems in one's own remote control platforms

Smartphone as a security tool for a business or home. Possibility to use a mobile phone to connect or disconnect the system, check system history, view recorded or real-time images, activate alarm sirens, control the activation of lights and emergency warnings, etc. The incorporation of a 3D house map is also possible
Design and development of technical security projects

House map and closed circuit production according to the needs of each client
Study and structural alternatives to avoid drilling holes in thick walls
Security consultancy
Systems audit
Adaptation to the new private security regulations
Risk evaluation
Comprehensive maintenance of security systems according to private security regulations

Permanent security checks of the performance quality of the global security system